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This is one of the prototypes for testing a new way of creating waves for the game Throw It ! The waves might not be as balanced as human-made waves, but they are alot more random every time you start a new game, and with linear difficulty, you can make an infinite ammount of waves during a game, so no end for the waves !

With this piece of software you can also calculate the max_power of a bot by giving it it's arguments.

And all of this is custom ! You can change how much the waves should be hard, how many bots in a wave, etc... All in two .json file !

To change the waves/bot calculation arguments go to arguments.json

To add a new bot or change a premade bot's max power go to data.json

To add a new preMade maxPower wave go to data.json


ThrowItWavingSystem_V2.zip 34 MB

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