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This is a quick little tool that I made for my own game and I'm releaseing it to the Unity comunity ! Here's a little but powerfull lowpoly terrain generator for Unity users ! Take in considaration that I started making for my game that I'm working with and I made it in two days, so there's alot more room for optimization and improvements

Two noise types : Perlin and Voronoi

Up to100 vertices in the x and z axis

Slope based gradiant colors

Circle mask (I will add more masks in the future)

Low poly shading (From this tutorial : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1vL9yRA_eM , it's really epic)

Supports runtime mesh collision (You'd need to add a Mesh collider to the gameobject after generating a basic terrain)

Remap curve and fade in-out mask curve

Includes a test preset !

Runtime  Detail Generation 

Future things to improve :

Making more masks

Making more noise functions

Making a chunking system so we could have more that 100 as the resolution

Building a version so you can export the mesh and textures to other game engines / modeling softwares

I hope this little tool will save you a bit of time and be helpfull to you Unity users (Dont worry other non Unity users I will make it so you can export the meshand texture)

Sources for my knowledge on making lowpoly terrain :

And the Unity Math Package (You need it installed to be able to make terrain)https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/Unity.Mathematics
Low poly stuff :

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StatusIn development
Made withUnity
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Install instructions

Okay so to put this Unity terrain generator into you'r project up and running you need to follow these steps :

Download the .unitypackage and import it into you'r Unity project

Go to Window >> Package ManagerAnd search for the package called Mathematics , then install it

Make a new game object in you'r current scene and add Mesh Filter and Mesh Renderer to it. Then after that add the Terrain Generator Script and change some values or use the test preset

Add a Mesh Collider the game object you just made if you want mesh collision


LowPolyTerrainGen.unitypackage 16 kB
LowPolyTerrainGen2.unitypackage 50 kB

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